We've got what you need!

Our vision is to see one pervasive wireless network; a network that sees no boundary’s or obstacles to having an "always on" connection to people and information.


Offering high quality and reliable Internet access to your guests is crucial now a days. We have the solution to have you worried about your business and not your Internet.


In a connected world shopping while online is a must now a days. Keep your shoppers busy online and increase your visitor rate, turning your per square feet higher than ever.


Need to control the student and faculty Internet access? Not a problem, we provide you with powerful tools to have full control over who is using and what is being used.


We specialize in providing reliable wireless network installation for businesses across UAE. As a company, we have staff that are industry thought leaders, well respected and recognized within the wireless community by their peers.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are everywhere. From the small coffee shop to the gigantic mall, sitting in a luxurious limousine or just taking the bus home. Staying in a modest B&B or living out large in the 7 start hotel, we will connect you. Our range of smart Hotspot Solutions are being used for little setups as coffee shops or complex networks such as Smart City cities.